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SOLRE - State of Luxury Real Estate Conference

January 2021

Panelist discussing the latest Luxury Portfolio International research on luxury home buyers and properties.

Affluent consumers expect pandemic to drag on: YouGov

June 2020

By Diana Dilworth for Luxury Daily

LPI Connected Conversations

June 2020

This 20-minute interview discusses the recent LPI paper The Great Wellness Surge

TMRE 2019: Changing expectations for brands on CSR

January 2020

This 5-minute interview details the findings of research conducted in part with a luxury travel agency consortium on Environmental and Employee Responsibility as a shifting demand for affluent consumers

Sustainable brands attract more consumers than luxury labels

December 2019

By Sarah Jones for Luxury Daily

Luxury Portfolio International

Since 2012

Lead researcher and author for on-going series to understand luxury real estate buyers.

The Ins-and-Outs of Retaining VIPs

December 2019

By Nellie Day for Ancillary Retail, pages 31 and 32

Three Surprising Qualities In Luxury Appliances And How Sub-Zero Group's Brands Meet Them

June 2018

By Pam Danziger for

Recipient of Luxury Daily's Luxury Researcher of the Year Award

December 2017

My former team and I were honored to receive Luxury Daily's Luxury Researcher of the Year Award for 2017

Could AI replace the financial advisor?

September 2017

By Jen King for Luxury Daily

Wealthiest Americans More Worried About The Election Than Even Their Children's Future, Survey Finds

May 2016

By Chase Peterson-Withorn for